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Invitation to home.

At himolla there is excellent news and a clear vision.

The fusion of product, brand design and Bavarian engineering has resulted in a collection that awakens a new desire for sofas, living and reinventing oneself. Clear the stage for a collaboration of form, fashion, feeling and function.

Clothes make the man. The new cover collection fascinates with an incomparably consistent combination friendliness. Exciting qualities with multi-layered haptics and structures in muted and bold colors. Conceived for the most diverse room typologies and functional requirements of different lifestyles.

Holistic thought, made sustainable. We take a look behind the scenes, because - himolla can do sustainability. Homework in the area of sustainability is nothing new for himolla, for years the entire collection has been awarded the Blue Angel and much more.

The product is still an absolute matter of the heart. It is the focus and everything is built on it. Both design, form and function, upholstery materials and colors, as well as performance and styling at trade fairs and the orientation in marketing with the new appearance in the field of visual marketing. The aim is to continue to create a consistent brand experience in a 360° radius.

Holistic brand management requires a lot of work and a high level of expertise. Holistic means being convincing at all levels of communication. The recently awarded GERMAN BRAND AWARD in two categories is particularly pleasing: "GOLD - Interior & Living" and "Winner - PRODUCT BRAND OF THE YEAR".

This realignment is also successful because himolla is reinventing itself. We are proud that our employees are involved and can experience the success of their own actions.

Polstermöbel GmbH

Postfach 20
84412 Taufkirchen / Vils

phone +49 (0)80 84 / 25-0
telefax +49 (0)80 84 / 25-580

Landshuter Straße 38
84416 Taufkirchen / Vils

Managing Directors
Ralph Bestgen
Christian Westebbe

Head of Sales
Helmut Sperr
Stefan Drolshagen

Head of Export
Markus Lutz

Showroom open
September 25th to September 29th 2023
Phone showroom
+49 (0)80 84 / 25-294 and -554

Please arrange an individual appointment, on request also outside of core time

Appointments / Reservations
Bettina Ober
phone +49 (0)80 84 / 25-259
telefax +49 (0)80 84 / 25-585

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