The different fair

The Hausmesse Süd holds its position among the other im- portant furniture fairs especially because of its unique character. Buying associations, owners and chief buyers of furniture stores appreciate that. A visit to the Hausmesse Süd plays a vital role in the planning of their assortment for the coming year. Five advantages distinguish this furniture event in Germanys South:


1. Product Quality made in South Germany

2. High Quality of Presentation

Complete collections are shown in own showrooms of the manufacturers

3. Usefull Services and Competence of leading Furniture brands

4. Intensive support of retail partners

The Hausmesse Süd partners are known for innovative marketing and well-conceived furniture lines. The thoughts behind the product can best be passed on in the in-house exhibitions and shared marketing measurements are planned thoroughly.

5. The quality of real partnership

One big plus for the Hausmesse Süd is the very personal approach of a "Hausmesse". Visitors may arrive as potential clients, but they will soon feel like guests. And many of those who come regularly already feel like friends.

Overall the Hausmesse Süd is a personal fair with high quality in all relevant aspects. Therefore the claim you see next to its logo: "Qualität erleben" means "Experience quality". You should!